The Dreamville Foundation Annual Dreamville Weekend

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This year we kicked off our 3rd Annual Dreamville Weekend on Thursday, March 6, 2014 with J.Cole and his entire Dreamville team participating in the Book Club’s discussion on Tyrell, written by, Coe Booth. Booth was also in attendance, she explained her thought process for writing Tyrell, writing techniques, as well as, answered readers questions about the book. The Appreciation Dinner was held the following night at the Botanical Garden, where The Dreamville Foundation gathered with several members of the community to express their gratitude for their hard work, support, and collaborative efforts for youth development; amongst them were Honorable Judge Toni King, Brandon Price and Shauna Hopkins from Fayetteville Urban Ministries Find A Friend Program, Westover High School’s Principal Dr. Benson, and many others. Awards were also presented to several youth for their academic and social improvement and to Ms. Dia Collins, a mathematics teacher who has exceptional dedication to her students.

This year was also the first time The Dreamville Foundation hosted their first Conference Day with over 200 high-school students. Students gathered to participate in a two- part conference to include a Career Day Panel and viewing of Fruitvale Station followed by a group discussion. The Career Day panel consisted of six young African American professional in various fields to include: Felton Brown, Art Director at McGarry Bowen; Krystal Johnson, Entertainment Lawyer; Sabrina Thompson, Aeronautical Engineer; Rob Gibbs, Booking Agent at ICM; Jonathan White, EMT; Sheldon Candis, Film Writer/Director.