Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts

The Dreamville Foundation Mission

Hurricane Florence has made a devastating impact on the community in Fayetteville, NC,  leaving many families displaced, damages to their homes with limited resources and without daily necessities. 

The Dreamville Foundation is looking to lend a helping hand to the community, children, and families affected by Hurricane Florence. There will be hot food stations placed throughout the city, temporary housing options for families, and stocking of food pantries/shelters.

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Inches of Rainfall

Rainfall in North Carolina has broken a state record, according to preliminary reports from the National Weather Service. More than 30 inches were recorded in Swansboro, N.C.


Power Outages

About 900,000 outages as of Saturday morning, mostly in North Carolina, with Duke Energy anticipating 1 million to 3 million homes and businesses losing power


People in Shelters

More than 19,000 people in shelters in North Carolina, 6,400 in South Carolina and 400 in Virginia.


Inspiring and encouraging urban youths to expand their minds and dream of endless possibilities.


Helping and supporting youths in building their confidence and believing in themselves.


Empowering and providing programs that help them achieve their goals and aspiration.

I want to start the process of showing them there are other options besides what's on the screen. They don't have to be a rapper or an athlete, there are people who manage the rappers, who book the shows. There are so many jobs you can do, this is about expanding their minds to those possibilities.

J Cole
J Cole,
Founder of The Dreamville Foundation