About Us
Since our inception, we have continued to serve children and support their family members who are attempting to overcome obstacles in their social environment in and around Fayetteville. Over the years, we have expanded to other cities and states. Overall, we provide these youth and families with the necessary resources for achieving their goals. "Obstacles" have included, but are not limited to financial strain, physical, mental, alcohol, and drug abuse.

Our Mission

The Dreamville Foundation bridges the gap between the worlds of opportunity for urban youth. Dedicated to providing programs, events, and charitable donations that empower and inspire our youth to achieve success in reaching their dreams.

The Dreamville Foundation works to achieve our mission through a combination of efforts.

Advocacy & Awareness

Support advocacy and awareness efforts that raise awareness of issues and strategies impacting the youth and families we serve.

Charitable Donations

Provide charitable donations to high quality programs, organizations and initiatives that address the issues and support the needs.

Strategic Partnerships

Develop strategic partnerships with various organizations, brands and initiatives (both locally and nationally) to maximize impact.